When Is Mediation Right For Me?

Family Lawyer

If you are struggling through the process of divorce or just starting and are unsure of where to go from here, mediation could be the right choice for you. Many people think they should only use a mediator if they are going through an angry divorce. While it is true that mediation can be especially helpful during this time, mediation can work for you and your spouse even if the divorce is amicable. A mediator simply provides a safe space for you to work through any potential problems that may come up during the divorce process. 

Can a divorce mediator tell us how we should get divorced? 

You may be wondering how much power a divorce mediator has. The truth is, they cannot tell you who will get what at the end of a divorce or how you must go about the divorce process. They are there to ensure a neutral, third-party is available to guide you both through the process and present possible solutions and compromises that work in everyone’s best interests. 

Is mediation helpful if we have children together? 

Mediation can be a great tool if you and your spouse have a child together and are hoping to co-parent in some fashion. When you think of mediation, it isn’t a tool used to get what you want out of the situation. Instead, it is a method used to end your marriage on the best possible terms. This will not look the same way for every couple. However, a good mediator will show you something that you may be arguing about or that could become a problem and present you with different solutions. 

When this happens, you can both choose to come to an agreement by compromising and considering what is in the best interest of your child. This is particularly helpful when you and your ex will need to see each other for family occasions or, at the very least, for pickup and dropoff with your child. A lawyer, like a family lawyer from a law firm like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, understands that even under the best circumstances a mediator can help consider potential problems before they even happen. 

When should I look for a mediator?

A judge may impose an introductory session with a mediator and you will need to go through with that timeline. However, if you are concerned that arguments will come up quickly in the divorce process, reach out to a local attorney and discuss your mediation options sooner rather than later.