General Legal Information

Experienced and knowledgeable attorneys provide legal counsel, advice, and document drafting to help their clients with general practice legal issues including, estate planning, real estate transactions, estate planning, divorce proceedings, child custody and child support, and personal injury.  We also prepare and review documents such as premarital agreements and real estate contracts, ensuring that these critical legal documents are crafted with precision and adhere to the letter of the law.

Estate Planning and Wills

While nearly everyone needs to have an estate plan, no one estate plan is the same as another. People need estate plans that are crafted to meet their individual needs and last wishes. When clients are treated as individuals, each estate plan is specifically designed to meet their own unique situation and needs. The cornerstone of every estate plan is a properly drafted Last Will and Testament. Attorneys use their legal skills to draft wills that provide for clients’ assets to go precisely where they want them to go.

Real Estate Transactions and Deeds

Attorneys assist both buyers and sellers in handling every detail of real estate transactions, from the initial contract negotiations through the end of closing. These legal professionals look out for their clients’ interests, making sure that all the essential legal requirements are met and ensuring that deeds are transferred and filed correctly. The goal of general practice attorneys is not merely to handle their clients’ current needs, but also to anticipate, prepare for, and prevent any problems that could arise in the  future.

Premarital Agreements

Individuals who are contemplating getting married should seriously consider having an attorney draft a prenuptial agreement, even if they believe that divorce would never be an issue. However, if the unforeseen or the worst happens, both spouses will know with certainty what to expect from dissolving their marriage. Divorces, where both parties have premarital agreements, are much more straightforward and less costly than contested divorces.


Attorneys represent both wives and husbands in divorce cases and handle cases involving substantial marital assets.  If you are considering a divorce, or if you’ve had divorce papers served to you, you should hire competent and experienced legal counsel. Attorneys can represent clients for issues regarding the division of marital assets. Many attorneys also handle divorces where disputes over the custody or support of minor children exist.

Personal Injury

Significant expenses often come along with a substantial injury. Considering that there are doctors’ fees, hospital bills, and insurance premiums involved, you may need to seek compensation. Plus, there may be costs associated with physical therapy and ongoing care that need to be covered. Attorneys might help you recover your financial and intangible losses if you or a loved one were hurt in a motor vehicle or another personal injury accident.

Your Legal Issue

Attorneys in general practice handle many other legal issues, as well. If you have a legal question or concern, contact a qualified and seasoned attorney for help. Many times, attorneys do not charge initial consultations or to review whether they are the best fit for an individual’s needs. Get in touch with an attorney to find out more.