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Refusing A Personal Injury Case

Car Accident Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys do not always accept personal injury cases and there are several reasons why according to a personal injury lawyer from The Lynch Law Group. Personal injury attorneys offer free consultations. It is during these calls or meetings that an attorney will discuss the details of your case and determine whether or not they will take your case. Even in the event that you are very confident in your case and feel like you have a personal injury case that is easy to win, an attorney may decide it is not the case for them. Speaking with a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible will save you time in your search and also in figuring out if your case is actually worth pursuing. While every attorney has their reasons to refuse a case, here are a few reasons you may have a personal injury case declined by a skilled attorney:

Minor injuries. This is the most important factor in a personal injury case. Having major injuries builds a personal injury faster than not. This does not mean that minor injuries insinuate that a case will not succeed, but the more an individual suffers from injuries the better the case against the parties that are responsible for said injuries.

Statute of limitations is when a claim has a specific time limit to be filed in court. If this date is approaching an attorney may refuse to take the case because there is not enough time to investigate and build your case in your favor. This is why it is best to speak with an attorney almost immediately after a personal injury is sustained.

Who is at-fault? If this is hard to figure out, an attorney may decline your case. As car accident attorneys can attest, sometimes accidents are very confusing and hard to prove who the guilty party is — maybe the other person was speeding but you were texting on your phone. This is because you may very well be at fault to some degree, which may make the case pointless. There is no one you can file against if you are also at fault, or someone will also be filing against you.There are several reasons an attorney may refuse to accept your case, and they may even refer you to a different attorney, or advise you that your case is not strong enough. Either way, no matter the details you should speak with a personal injury as soon as you incur an injury to determine the potential of your personal injury case. Should you or someone you know suffer any form of personal injury, speak with a skilled attorney as soon as possible.